Pay Per Ranking SEO Services

Divine Solutions is the best SEO Company, offering top quality organic search engine optimization. We only use White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques, and legal methods. We are the best SEO consultants, providing only result oriented Pay Per Ranking services. Pay Per Ranking SEO is a 100% Win-Win service. No Result No Payment.

Pay Per Ranking SEO

No Result No Payment - Win-Win Service

Pay Per Ranking SEO is a 100% Win-Win service. No Result No Payment.

Pay Per Ranking is an extremely attractive offer for companies seeking good ranking in search engine result pages. Companies spend a lot of money to get top rankings in different search engines. Most of the times the money goes wasted, without any solid result. But, Pay Per Ranking makes the companies feel secure and enjoy having a Win Only process.

Pay Per Ranking - How It Works

Suppose you have one Target Keyword "best online book", and you want your website ( to show on First Page when someone search for this Keyword in Google USA (

  • Target Keyword: best online book
  • Target Search Engine: Google USA (
  • Target Ranking: Top 10 (First Page)
  • Website:

We will analyze all parameters of this target. After analysis we will provide the cost of Target Achievement. For example it is $1500. This cost will be divided into smaller goals and cost of each Goal is specified, like this:

  • On Page Optimization: $100
  • Website comes in Top 50: $50
  • Website comes in Top 30: $100
  • Website comes in Top 20: $150
  • Website comes in Top 10: $200

Whenever a Goal is achieved, you will pay its specific price.


Price of Pay Per Ranking depends on many factors, like Target Ranking, Target Search Engine(s), Keyword Competitiveness and some others. For exact price a research is needed, so Pay Per Ranking price is not predictable unless we know all these things.


Why Choose Us for SEO

  • 100% Ethical and Legal, White Hat Techniques
  • Step by Step, Day by Day Reports
  • Top Ranking for Target Keywords
  • Long Lasting Search Engine Rankings
  • Matchless Quality
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fast Response Time - 24 Hours Support
  • Support Staff with excellent English Skills


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